Q: What is the registering location’s opening hours?

A: Masqueraders can register at Dons and Divas. It is open Monday - Thursday 9:30-5:30, Friday 9:30-6:00, and Saturday 9:00 – 2:00. The store is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Q: Where can I view Amnesia’s costumes?

 A: Amnesia’s costumes are on display at Dons and Divas during opening hours.  Costumes may also be viewed via our online galleries on our Facebook page ‘Amnesia Carnival Dominica’ and on our website www.amnesiacarnival.com


Q: When is costume registration for the new carnival year?

A: Costume registration will begin the evening of the band launch, October 21st, 2016. Registration will continue at Dons and Divas store during opening hours.


Q: What do I need for costume registration?

A: For registration, you need the following:

      1. A form of identification
      2. Size Information:

      Ladies:  Bra Size (34A, B, C,), Hipband Size (in inches), Bottom Piece Size (S, M, L)

      Ladies:  Bra Option (Bra, Wholepiece, Tankini)

      Ladies: Bottom Piece option (Bikini, Hot Shorts, Tankini-Cut Bottom)

      Men:  Waist Size (in inches)

      1. Down payment

        Q: Can I order extra items with my costumes?

        A: Different costumes may have different additional options. 

        Costumes may come with options for larger headpieces, backpacks and other embellishments at an additional cost. These options will be detailing on the registration page and in the section photo galleries, along with the cost attached.


        Q: I did not order a costume. Can I be placed on a waiting list?

        A: Amnesia will provide a waiting list however placement cannot be guaranteed. Masqueraders will be contacted in the event that costumes become available.

        Q: I’ve purchased a costume from another masquerader. How do I transfer the costume to my name?

        A: Amnesia does not assist with costume transfers.  Please ensure that you have a letter from the original costume owner authorizing you to collect on their behalf. The original owner must provide the new owner with a signed letter authorizing the new owner to collect the costume on their behalf, accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID. 


        Q: I’m unable to collect my costume. Can another person collect on my behalf?

        A: Yes this is possible. You must provide the person collecting with a signed letter authorizing the new owner to collect the costume on their behalf, accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID. 


        Q: When do I collect my costume?

        A: The costume distribution schedule will be posted to our Facebook page ‘Amnesia Carnival Dominica’, the website and also advertised on approved flyers.  Different sections will have different distribution dates. 


        Q: I missed my collection date – what do I do?

        A: You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date; however, priority is given to persons collected on their designated day.

        Q: When do I need to pay for my costume?

        A: Your down payment must be paid upon registration, otherwise you order will be incomplete and immediately cancelled.  Costumes must be paid in full prior to collection, and can be paid for in cash, debit/credit card or cheque.


        Q: I’ve collected my costume but it does not fit.

        A: Contact the Amnesia representative on 440-7613 or 275-3411 or visit the Dons and Divas Store.


        Q: What do I get when I come to Costume Distribution?

        A: You will receive your costume including all additional paraphernalia.


        Q: I have a comment / complaint – who do I speak to?

        A: Please call 440-7613 or 275-3411.